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Master’s Degree in Collective Health

The Master’s degree in Collective Health at UEFS was created in 1997 and served as the base for the implantation of the Postgraduate Program in Collective Health (PPGSC). The course is campus based and has a duration of 24 months.

The selection process for the Masters in Collective Health is oriented by the need for the candidate to demonstrate a direct link with the program´s pre-existing research projects. The application process for the selection of candidates are opened by means of an application call published by the Vice-Rectory of Research and Post-graduation at least one month prior to the registration date and two months prior to the commencement of the selection process.

The selection process consists of four stages. Evaluation of projects; Proof of proficiency in Foreign Languages; Test of Knowledge of Collective Health; and an Interview with Evaluation of Curriculum. The first three stages are eliminatory and the final stage classificatory. The entire teaching staff participates at some stage in the selection process, the members of the organization committee alternating each year in order to distribute workload more equally and ensure that all members of the teaching staff are given the chance to learn about the procedures involved and contribute to the improvement of the process.